My Kitchen in Autumn

My Kitchen in Autumn

Sunday, January 9, 2011

FREE Crochet Pattern Today!

This is an easy pattern for a handy little drawstring pouch. I use it to hold a "sock project" or other small project. It's beginner level and you can use any worsted weight yarn that you may have in your stash. (I would stay away from novelty types of yarn if you are a beginner), it's hard to see and count your stitches.
This is my original pattern, but feel free to use it as you may. You will need a size H crochet hook or one that is right for your yarn. There is usually a suggestion on the yarn wrapper "ball band".

Using 2 strands together,  ch. 4. join to the first ch. to form a ring.
  1. ch. 3, 11 dc. in the ring. join to the top ch. of the ch. 3 with a sl. st. 
  2. ch. 3, 2 dc. in each st., join to ch. 3  with a sl. st.
  3. ch. 3,* 2 dc. in the next st., 1 dc. in next st., rep. from * around. join to ch. 3
  4. ch. 3, 1 dc. in the next st., *2 dc. in the next st, 1 dc. in the next 2 dc.*, rep. between *s. join to ch. 3.
   5-10.  ch. 3, 1 dc. in each st. Join to ch. 3.
    11. ch. 4, skip 1 dc., dc. in next st. *ch. 1, skip 1 st., dc. in next st.* rep. between *s for eyelet row. join in the 3rd ch. of the ch. 4. (The eyelet row is for the drawstrings to be woven through).
     12. ch. 3, 1 dc. in each dc. an each ch. 1. Join to ch. 3
      13. ch. 3, dc. in each st.. Join to ch. 3
      14. ch. 2, sc. in each st. Join to ch. 2. fasten off.

To make the drawstrings:
Make 2 strings. Ch. 100 for each string. fasten off.
Start threading each string separately through the eyelet holes. Make sure they stay separate while you tie each one to itself with a small knot completing 2 separate circles.
To close the bag: Grab a loop from each side of the bag and pull. (I hope this makes sense. It's really easy, just difficult to explain in writing)

Hope you like it, I sometimes wear it on my wrist. I can knit while I'm walking. Can you tell I'm obsessed? LOL 

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