My Kitchen in Autumn

My Kitchen in Autumn

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

FREE Pattern! Loom Knit an easy Cowl Today!

Loom Knit Cowl neck warmer:

I have been wanting to try something on my own with the Knifty Knitter Looms I have been collecting. They are so pretty I can't resist picking up another one when I find one on sale or at a garage sale. I now have a small trunk full of them. All sizes, shapes, and those cheery colors, so I figured that I should try something beside the baby hat pattern that was included with one set. Anyway, I was thinking of making a poncho, having no idea what size I was making, I found that there was no way it was going to fit. I didn't want to pull out my work, hence, the cowl neck warmer. I have been seeing these cowls everywhere I look lately, even the fashion mags, so why not try it with the loom. Well here it is, I really like it and wear it all the time. In this neutral color, it goes with just about anything in my closet. It's just enough to keep out the cold air and very comfy. The picture that I'm am modeling happened to have a stray hair land on it which I didn't realize when I loaded it so please excuse.
Here is the Super Easy Pattern, Try it, It's a lot of fun, useful too:
A small amount of one skein of Red Heart "Super Saver" yarn. Very inexpensive.(I used this beige color, but you can use any color that pleases you). Experiment with other worsted weight yarns or even sport weight.
You will need the extra large round Knifty Knitter. (The yellow one)
Normally, you would use a heavier yarn on these looms, but I wanted a very light airy feel so I used one strand of the Red Heart yarn that I chose. Now cast on as your instruction sheet that came with your loom explains by e-wrapping the pegs. If you don't have the instructions, just type in Knifty Knitter at and you will find tons of info. You will have 2 cast on rows before starting to knit.
Just knit in the normal way by lifting the bottom loop over the top loop as you knit around the loom until you have 50 rows or whatever you desire. I wanted 50 rows because the edges normally curl up as shown and you will need extra length to get a nice loose cowl effect. When you have 50 rows, you will cast off your knitting using a crochet hook or your knifty Knitter tool that came with it. Weave in your ends and it's ready to wear. Again, if you need help with any process, casting on, casting off, e-wrapping, loom knitting, there are so many great videos to help you. That's how I learned it. Good Luck! Hope you have fun, there is no right or wrong. If you like the way it comes out, that's all that matters :) Barbie
One more tip: Very important to keep your yarn very, very, loose throughout the project.


  1. Hi, I love this idea as a pattern for Xmas gifts for some relatives, so I need to get started. Thanks for the quick and easy guide to accomplish this project.

  2. Great, quick, easy gifts. Thanks :)